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WCS3900 CCD Barcode Scanner WCS3900 CCD Barcode ScannerWASP
The Wasp WCS3900 CCD barcode scanner offers the same performance and durability you have come to know from the Wasp product line. This durable device features an ergonomic design to accommodate for scan-intensive applications and offers best in class performance.
WLP4170 CCD Long Range Barcode Scanner WLP4170 CCD Long Range Barcode ScannerWASP
The WLP4170 CCD long range barcode scanner from Wasp offers fast, accurate reading of both 1D and 2D symbologies, such as PDF417.
WLR8900 CCD LR Barcode Scanner WLR8900 CCD LR Barcode ScannerWASP
The WLR8900 from Wasp is an easy to use long range CCD barcode scanner. Its ergonomic, lightweight design offers users comfortable use for scan-intensive applications.
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