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Barcode Slot ReadersBarcode Slot Readers
Input devices, generally consisting of a reader, a decoder, and an interface cable to the host computer, for reading barcodes on such identity cards as library IDs or drivers’ licenses.
Charge-coupled devices (CCD) for non-contact barcode scanning at typical distances of less than 3 inches and for a good, inexpensive alternative to laser scanners.
Barcode equipment for receiving transistor-to-transistor (TTL) signals from CCD, laser, wand or other scanners and for performing the appropriate algorithm to decode the signals into actionable data. Decoders then transmit the data to the main computer via a cable interface linking the keyboard and the host computer or through other types of transmission.
Fixed Mount ScannersFixed Mount Scanners
Stationary hands-free scanners for high-speed package reading on automatic conveyors used in manufacturing environments, without regard for label types.
Hands Free Presentation ScannersHands Free Presentation Scanners
Laser devices for reading barcodes on tagged objects that are passed across a scanner by hand without regard to orientation. For manual operation only (see Fixed Mount Scanners).
Image readers, either fixed mount or handheld, for scanning and decoding OCR text and two-dimension (2D) symbologies, and for capturing signatures and other images.
Interactive devices for easy consumer verification and comparison of barcoded merchandise prices and quick retrieval of real-time information on promotional coupons while shopping.
Non-contact barcode laser scanners for illuminating barcode symbols using a beam of coherent laser light at distances between 3 inches and 30 feet from the barcodes.
OEM Scan EnginesOEM Scan Engines
OEM scan modules, usually built into host devices and therefore without external casing, for automatic reading of barcode tags with no need of human supervision. Modules designed during system planning stage and built into the host barcode reader during manufacturing.
Contact scanning devices that must touch barcodes for menu reading purposes, such as low-volume scanning and management of library materials.
Wearable ScannersWearable Scanners
Barcode scanners to be worn on fingers or wrists for easier scanning in tight spaces, two-handed package handling, and other hands-free scanning operations.
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