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WHC25 Healthcare Wristband Printer WHC25 Healthcare Wristband PrinterWASP
The Wasp WHC25 direct thermal wristband printer offers the ideal printing solution for event ticketing, healthcare patient identification, and hospitality applications. Because it is a direct thermal printer, there is no need to buy toner and ribbons, making it a cost-effective, simple to use printing alternative to a laser printer.
WPL205 Desktop Barcode Printer WPL205 Desktop Barcode PrinterWASP
The Wasp WPL205 offers a powerful desktop barcode printing solution designed for light and medium duty barcode printing applications. This thermal barcode printer is delivered with a label peeler and provides support for EPL, WPL, and ZPL printer modes.
WPL25 Shelf Labeling Printer WPL25 Shelf Labeling PrinterWASP
The Wasp WPL25 direct thermal desktop printer is capable of printing 2 inch paper labels ideal for healthcare, shipping, retail, and office applications which require small labels. Equipped with a double-walled, user-friendly clamshell casing, the WPL25 is a durable device that allows for quick and simple media changes.
WPL304 Desktop Barcode Printer WPL304 Desktop Barcode PrinterWASP
The WPL304 desktop barcode printer features thermal transfer and direct thermal printing technology that makes it both a high performing solution as well as economical.
WPL305 Desktop Barcode Printer WPL305 Desktop Barcode PrinterWASP
The Wasp WPL305 is a powerful, compact desktop barcode printer built to meet the demands of light and medium duty barcode printing applications. Its speed, durable design, and dual printing technology makes the WPL305 a leading printer in its class.
WPL406 Industrial Barcode Printer WPL406 Industrial Barcode PrinterWASP
The WPL406 is an industrial designed barcode printer with a low profile and affordable price point, making a reliable printing solution easily accessible.
WPL606 Industrial Barcode Printer WPL606 Industrial Barcode PrinterWASP
The WPL606 from wasp is a powerful, rugged industrial barcode printer capable of meeting the demands of medium and heavy duty barcode applications. A durable construction, dual printing technologies, and fast printing speeds make the WPL606 a leading printer in its class.
WPL608 Industrial Barcode Printer WPL608 Industrial Barcode PrinterWASP
The WPL608 barcode printer offers an industrial grade device at an affordable price, providing users with a dependable, powerful device. Its durable construction, exceptional printing speeds, and dual printing technology make the WPL608 a leading barcode printer in its class.
WPL610 Industrial Barcode Printer WPL610 Industrial Barcode PrinterWASP
The WPL610 barcode printer raises the bar for industrial barcode printing. As the most powerful barcode printer in Wasps line, it offers superior printing speeds, high-volume barcode printing, and a durable construction.
WPL612 Industrial Barcode Printer WPL612 Industrial Barcode PrinterWASP
The WPL612 is the most powerful industrial barcode printer on the Wasp line, and it delivers superior printing speeds, features a rugged construction, and can handle high-volume printing for intensive applications.
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