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A760 Grocery Thermal/Impact Printer A760 Grocery Thermal/Impact PrinterCOGNITIVE
The CognitiveTPG A760 Thermal/Impact Printer is a multi-station hybrid receipt printer ideal for grocery and retail customers. Its durable design allows it to provide years of reliable operation even in demanding environments.
A776 Retail Store Receipt Printer A776 Retail Store Receipt PrinterCOGNITIVE
Cognitive TPGs A776 Receipt Printer offers a hybrid two-colour/monochrome receipt printer ideal for retail operations. It features one or two colour receipt printing, a compact design, and graphic printing capabilities.
A794 Rugged Thermal Receipt Printer A794 Rugged Thermal Receipt PrinterCOGNITIVE
The A794 rugged thermal printer is ideal for demanding settings such as retail, hospitality, grocery, kitchen, convenience stores, and credit union environments.
A798 Value Point of Sale Printer A798 Value Point of Sale PrinterCOGNITIVE
The A798 is a value priced point of sale (POS) printer. It is a versatile and reliable receipt printer which is ideal for use in retail and hospitality applications.
A799 Point of Sale Printer A799 Point of Sale PrinterCOGNITIVE
The A799 point of sale printer was specifically designed for distributors and resellers. Cognitive TPG delivers a modular designed printer which is easy to configure and improves delivery times.
Advantage LX Industrial Grade Desktop Printers Advantage LX Industrial Grade Desktop PrintersCOGNITIVE
The Cognitive Advantage LX Industrial Printers are the sole printers on the market to feature an all-metal print mechanism in their price range.
B780 Banking Hybrid Printer B780 Banking Hybrid PrinterCOGNITIVE
The B780 Banking Printer is a hybrid two-colour/monochrome printer offers graphic and image printing capabilities and a compact (less than 73 sq. in.) design.
C Series Hospitality Barcode Printer C Series Hospitality Barcode PrinterCOGNITIVE
The C Series Barcode Printers from Cognitive TPG delivers a mid-range desktop printer. It is a compact printer which offers outstanding value, performance, and durability.
Code Courier 4 Inch Portable Printers Code Courier 4 Inch Portable PrintersCOGNITIVE
Cognitive TPGs Code Courier 4 Inch Portable Printers are ultra-compact, rugged, and lightweight printers which are ideal for use in courier and logistics applications.
Code Express Portable Printers Code Express Portable PrintersCOGNITIVE
The Code Express series of portable printers deliver a rugged, lightweight solution to your printing needs. It is ideal for use by mobile workers and features wireless capabilities.
Code Ranger 2 Portable Printers Code Ranger 2 Portable PrintersCOGNITIVE
Cognitive TPG Code Ranger Portable Printers are rugged, lightweight, and fast printers ideal for mobile workers.
CRx Pharmacy Thermal Barcode Printer CRx Pharmacy Thermal Barcode PrinterCOGNITIVE
The CRx thermal barcode printer enables pharmacies to reduce costs and save time in prescription fulfillment processes. The CRx barcode printer reduces costs by saving you money on energy and supplies.
Del Sol LX Versatile Desktop Printers Del Sol LX Versatile Desktop PrintersCOGNITIVE
Del Sol LX series of desktop printers make up the most versatile 4 and 2 family of printers available. The small and powerful device provides either thermal transfer label printing or cost-efficient direct thermal label printing.
DLX Parcel and Postage Barcode Printer DLX Parcel and Postage Barcode PrinterCOGNITIVE
The Advantage DLX barcode printer continues Cognitive TPGs line of outstanding rugged and reliable printers. The device is capable of exceptional performance in challenging environments with its metal frame, intuitive design, and print mechanism.
DLXi Distribution and Logistics Barcode Printer DLXi Distribution and Logistics Barcode PrinterCOGNITIVE
The DLXi thermal barcode label printer builds upon Cognitive TPGs line of robust and rugged thermal label printers. The DLXi barcode printer combines the latest communication interfaces and processing speeds with outstanding durability and reliability.
Easy Ethernet e+Solutions Ethernet Desktop Printers Easy Ethernet e+Solutions Ethernet Desktop PrintersCOGNITIVE
Ethernet e+Solutions Desktop Printers provide a solution for on-demand label printing needs for networks of any size.
EZ-LP Shipping and Receiving Barcode Printer EZ-LP Shipping and Receiving Barcode PrinterCOGNITIVE
The EZ-LP Barcode Label Printer is the latest in Cognitive TPGs line of barcode label printers. It features 4 inch wide direct thermal printing and is an excellent replacement for older desktop label printers.
K798 Ticketing Kiosk Printer K798 Ticketing Kiosk PrinterCOGNITIVE
Cognitive TPGs K798 Ticketing Kiosk Printer delivers a reliable and durable 3-inch self-service printing device which lowers costs and provides exceptional performance.
K799 Airline Pass Kiosk Printer K799 Airline Pass Kiosk PrinterCOGNITIVE
The K799 printer from Cognitive TPG delivers a reliable and durable kiosk printer which prints 3-inch wide passes and receipts. It supports monochrome/two-colour high quality printing.
LX Healthcare Barcode Printer LX Healthcare Barcode PrinterCOGNITIVE
The Advantage LX Healthcare line of printers is the only line of printers in their class to feature an all-metal printing mechanisms which provides enhanced printing performance and durability.
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