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Barcode Label PrintersBarcode Label Printers
Printers for printing barcode labels that adhere to items in inventory or to assets that must be tracked.
Barcode ScannersBarcode Scanners
Barcode hardware for reading 2D matrix code or imprinted barcodes and sending information to the system/host computer. The scanners and the decoders may be hands-free scanners, fixed-mount scanners, imagers, laser scanners, slot card scanners, CCD scanners, or wand scanners.
Barcode VerifiersBarcode Verifiers
Verifying devices for measuring the bars and spaces, the quiet zones, and the optical features of barcode symbols to see whether they meet standards or specifications. Ensure that barcode scanners can read barcodes correctly.
Data Collection TerminalsData Collection Terminals
Hand-held barcode reading equipment for collecting data from 1D and 2D matrix barcodes. Stores data for later use or is used as an online terminal in wireless LAN systems.
Magnetic Stripe Slot ReadersMagnetic Stripe Slot Readers
Devices to read data on the magnetic stripe on such identity cards as ID or credit cards. Usually contains a reader, a decoder, and a cable to interface with the host.
OCR/MICR ScannersOCR/MICR Scanners
Devices for optical character recognition (OCR) and magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) to enable the reading of special encoded characters such as EMCA-11, E13B, OCR-B, and OCR-A, which are printed on remittance stubs or forms. Transmits this information to the host computer.
Point of Sale (POS)Point of Sale (POS)
POS systems, the equivalent of an electric cash register, for use in grocery stores, casinos, restaurants, hotels, and many types of retail businesses.
Wireless automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) systems for identifying assets by using radio frequency signals. When used in place of barcode equipment, this RFID technology employs non-contact readers which cause tiny radio transponders to emit either an individualized ID code or some other data stored in memory.
AIDC software employing barcode, RFID, MICR, and OCR technologies for tracking assets, inventories, or other kinds of property. Also used for printing barcodes, tracking items, and performing time and attendance functions, among others.
Wireless Network (RF) DevicesWireless Network (RF) Devices
Wireless hardware for sending and receiving information using radio frequencies (RF). Extends the coverage of wired LANs to distant areas of any facility. Allows wireless LANS to exchange two-way data between a host computer and plant workers on the floor in real time. Also known as Wi-Fi networking devices these products are used to create a WLAN. Wireless network products are steadily replacing traditional wired networks.
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