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ZM100 Series Magnetic Stripe Reader ZM100 Series Magnetic Stripe ReaderZEBEX
*See Also: Magnetic Stripe Slot Readers
Designed with simplicity and performance in mind, the ZM-100 series of magnetic stripe reader from ZEBEX offers bi-directional reading capability that makes it ideal for applications such as credit authorization terminals, point-of-sale terminals, personal computers, and banking terminals.
ZM800 Security Magnetic Stripe Reader ZM800 Security Magnetic Stripe ReaderZEBEX
*See Also: Barcode Scanners > Barcode Slot Readers
With a compact footprint, multiple interfacing options, and accurate performance, the ZM800 Series of magnetic stripe readers are an efficient tool that can be used as a mounted or free standing reader in a variety of applications. It is ideal for security, POS, membership, and more.
ZM900 Magnetic Stripe Reader ZM900 Magnetic Stripe ReaderZEBEX
*See Also: Magnetic Stripe Slot Readers
With its smart, compact, long life design, this magnetic stripe reader is equipped with a high performance decoding ability, high noise immunity and flexible communications. It also features advanced programmable designed.
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