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H22 Proof of Delivery Mobile Computer H22 Proof of Delivery Mobile ComputerOPTICON
*See Also: Data Collection Terminals > Portable Keypad Computers > Opticon
The H22 is designed with the technology and ruggedness to meet the demands of businesses that deploy field workers. The interactive mobile computer with excellent reading and touch screen performance uses the latest Windows Mobile 6.5.3 platform providing the latest technology for mobile applications.
LA115 LA119 Dumb (undecoded) Wands LA115 LA119 Dumb (undecoded) WandsOPTICON
*See Also: Barcode Scanners > Wands
The rugged LA-115/119 Wands are built to take a beating. The extruded, seamless, stainless steel case withstands drops and rough handling.
LA220 Decoded Smart Wands LA220 Decoded Smart WandsOPTICON
*See Also: Barcode Scanners > Wands
The LA-220 "Smart" Wand has an internal decoder eliminating the need for a separate decoder box. It is available with either a Keyboard Wedge or RS232 interface.
LBSAM - 12 / "Super" SAM 140 LBSAM - 12 / "Super" SAM 140OPTICON
*See Also: Barcode Scanners > OEM Scan Engines
The LBSAM is easy to integrate into a scanning system and is available with either a horizontal or vertical aperture. Red or infrared LEDs are alsoavailable.
LC10M Magnetic Stripe Bar Code Slot Reader LC10M Magnetic Stripe Bar Code Slot ReaderOPTICON
*See Also: 1) Magnetic Stripe Slot Readers
*See Also: 2) Barcode Scanners > Barcode Slot Readers
The LC10M Barcode Slot Reader offers the benefits of Opticons best quality barcode readers combined with the capabilities of a magnetic stripe reader.
LG2 2D Barcode Reader LG2 2D Barcode ReaderOPTICON
*See Also: Barcode Scanners > Imagers > Opticon
LG2 is a revolutionary new, bar code reader. Developed to be the first universal reader, no other single device performs as many functions.
LG7335 2D Barcode Imager LG7335 2D Barcode ImagerOPTICON
*See Also: Barcode Scanners > Imagers > Opticon
The LG 7335 is a high performance, dual purpose imager. Not only does it read all the common linear bar codes, it also provides reading of two dimensional bar codes.  The imager utilizes a sensitive 640 x 480 CMOS image sensor that provides reliable reading of bar codes.
LGE1100 and LGE5100 CCD Scanner LGE1100 and LGE5100 CCD ScannerOPTICON
*See Also: Barcode Scanners > CCDs > Opticon
The LGE1100/5100 is a power efficient scanner that offers users an increased depth of field for reading barcodes from contact to up to 2.5 away.
LGP1125 & LGP5125 USB Barcode Scanners LGP1125 & LGP5125 USB Barcode ScannersOPTICON
*See Also: Barcode Scanners > CCDs > Opticon
The LGP1125 and LGP5125 series of barcode scanners incorporates USB connectivity into a handheld, rugged CCD scanner to offer users a scanning solution compatible with any manufacturers PC, eliminating the need for special connector cables.
LGP6125 Library Barcode Wedge Scanner LGP6125 Library Barcode Wedge ScannerOPTICON
*See Also: Barcode Scanners > CCDs > Opticon
The LGP6125 is built upon over 20 years of knowledge in the barcode scanning industry and is Opticons finest barcode scanner. It provides users with fast, aggressive scanning in a lightweight, durable device.
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