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915 MHz Encapsulated RFID Stick Tag 915 MHz Encapsulated RFID Stick TagINTERMEC
*See Also: RFID > Tags
The Encapsulated Stick Tag is a ruggedized design that utilizes a metal back plane to provide consistent performance on a variety of materials.
915 MHz ID Card RFID Tag 915 MHz ID Card RFID TagINTERMEC
*See Also: RFID > Tags
The Intellitag ID Card is the first credit card format RFID tag on the market to provide both long-range identification and multiple read/write capability. 
915 MHz Reusable Container Insert 915 MHz Reusable Container InsertINTERMEC
*See Also: RFID > Tags
The insert is designed for optimum performance on plastic, is suitable for encapsulation and has been molded into numerous products for smart container applications. Typical applications include pallet, carton and container tracking.
915 MHz RFID Container Tag 915 MHz RFID Container TagINTERMEC
*See Also: RFID > Tags
The Intellitag Container Tag is a high-performance durable product originally designed for use with plastic pallets, but which has a proven track record in a variety of applications.
915 MHz Tag for RPC 915 MHz Tag for RPCINTERMEC
*See Also: RFID > Tags
Intermec's 915 MHz reusable plastic container (RPCs) tag is specifically designed for tracking RPC's throughout their service lives. 
915 MHz UHF Free Space Insert Tag 915 MHz UHF Free Space Insert TagINTERMEC
*See Also: RFID > Tags
The Intellitag UHF Free Space Insert is designed for maximum range performance in open air.
915 MHz Windshield RFID Tag 915 MHz Windshield RFID TagINTERMEC
*See Also: RFID > Tags
The Intellitag Windshield Tag is optimized for attachment to vehicle windshields and is primarily used for highway toll applications and for access control in parking areas or gated communities.
AirWatch Smartphone Mobile Device Manager AirWatch Smartphone Mobile Device ManagerINTERMEC
*See Also: Software > Intermec
Enterprise smartphone and mobile device management: AirWatch is a web-based, enterprise-grade mobile device and WLAN management solution designed to secure, monitor, manage and support your entire fleet of mobile devices. Highly scalable, functionally robust and easy to use, AirWatch helps guarantee the security of your WLAN network, optimize the performance of your mobile devices, and streamline your supply chain operations.
ArciTech ArciTechINTERMEC
*See Also: Software > Intermec
Intermec's ArciTech application eliminates error-prone paper work orders by communicating data directly from a handheld computer.
CK1 Handheld Automatic Data Collection CK1 Handheld Automatic Data CollectionINTERMEC
*See Also: Data Collection Terminals > Portable Keypad Computers > Intermec
CK1 is a powerful and flexible batch data collection terminal for retail, light industrial, and medical/pharmaceutical applications requiring small-sized ergonomics at an economical price.
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