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BCR5242 CCD Imager BCR5242 CCD Imager
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The BCR5242 CCD Imager is a compact, reliable device designed to offer accurate label reading. Equipped with a variety of features, the BCR5242 offers end-users an intuitive imaging solution. A large depth of field allows for improved flexibility in label/scanner positioning.
Densei 2 Inch CCD PC Wedge Densei 2 Inch CCD PC Wedge
*See Also: Barcode Scanners > CCDs > Densei
The ergonomic, compact design of Denseis 2 inch CCD PC Wedge makes it easy to hold and use. An angled shape minimizes strain on the wrist, reducing occurrences of repetitive motion injuries.
TCS1560 Barcode Slot Scanner TCS1560 Barcode Slot Scanner
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The TCS1560 barcode slot scanner offers users quick and accurate scanning of badges, cards, and other media that will pass through a slot. It boasts excellent first pass read rates thanks to advanced optics and electronics.
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