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Kalipso Mobile Inventory Application Generator Kalipso Mobile Inventory Application GeneratorCIPHERLAB
*See Also: Software > Cipherlab
Kalipso is a powerful application generator designed for Windows operating system mobile computers. Simple and intuitive to operate, users can create applications with drag and drop, either online or offline.
MCL Workforce Productivity Software MCL Workforce Productivity SoftwareCIPHERLAB
*See Also: Software > Cipherlab
Maximize mobile workforce productivity, quickly, easily, and economically. The MCL-Collection for CipherLab Windows-based mobile computers simplifies and accelerates mobile application development and development efforts, allowing fast integration of highly effective host-based application.
Mirror Data-Capture Web Browser Mirror Data-Capture Web BrowserCIPHERLAB
*See Also: Software > Cipherlab
Power Suite Mirror Browser turns your CipherLab Windows-based mobile computer into an accurate, effective, and user-friendly data capture tool for any web-based task.
Mirror TN5250 Mobile Terminal Emulator Mirror TN5250 Mobile Terminal EmulatorCIPHERLAB
*See Also: Software > Cipherlab
Put the power of your mainframe in a CipherLab mobile computer. Mirror TN5250 Terminal Emulator allows quick adaptation of host console output to CipherLab mobile computer screens without redesigning applications.
Mirror VT Data Collection Terminal Emulator Mirror VT Data Collection Terminal EmulatorCIPHERLAB
*See Also: Software > Cipherlab
Mirror VT100/VT220 Terminal Emulator allows you to quickly adapt host console output to any CipherLab mobile computer screens without redesigning your applications, saving time and development effort.
Productivity Application Manager Productivity Application ManagerCIPHERLAB
*See Also: Software > Cipherlab
Designed to help you better manage work productivity and performance, the CipherLab Application Manager gives you full control over all executable files saved in the CipherLab's WindowsCE-based mobile computers.
Stream Wireless Database Studio Stream Wireless Database StudioCIPHERLAB
*See Also: Software > Cipherlab
Power Suite Stream Wireless Studio, consisting of Stream Designer and Stream Server, accelerates application development and eases management of a wide range of users, devices, databases, and hosts.
Wavelink Mainframe Emulator Wavelink Mainframe EmulatorCIPHERLAB
*See Also: Software > Cipherlab
Rely on Wavelink's industry-standard emulation software for solid reliability-to keep workers on task longer. Wavelink Emulators are designed for IBM 3270, 5250, VT100/110/220/330, and HP systems.
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