Barcode Manufacturers

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Since Motorola’s acquisition of Symbol Technologies, an industry leader in mobile data management systems and services, Motorola-Symbol produces leading-edge, top-performing products, chiefly voice and data wireless systems, hand-held computers, and laser barcode scanners.


Cisco Systems, Inc., globally recognized as the leader in Internet networking, combines hardware with software and services to build Internet capabilities that give individuals, companies, and even countries opportunities for increasing customer satisfaction, improving productivity and gaining competitive advantages. This winning combination of wireless and IP technologies creates high-speed, secure enterprise networks and Internet connections. Anytime, anywhere connections, whether users move from cell to cell or from one wired location to another, are assured.

Hand Held Products

Hand Held Products leads the industry in image-based data collection systems for transaction-processing, wireless applications, and mobile solutions for end-users worldwide. HHP is focused on designing and manufacturing image-based, high-quality, affordable data collection systems for a global market.


PSC Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets a top-quality lineup of barcode scanners, self-checkout systems, and automatic identification data collection (AIDC) applications. PSC products are essential for identifying, collecting, processing and transmitting data to host computers or terminals, thus collecting the data so critical to the retail, warehousing, package delivery, health care, education, and manufacturing markets.


Intermec Technologies Corp. is known worldwide for the development, manufacturing, and integration of wireless and wired automated data collection, Intellitag RFID (radio frequency identification) readers and systems, and mobile computing solutions. Their highest achievement, barcode symbology, is purchased more often than any other.


Opticon produces a wide selection of hand-held CCD scanners, slot readers, fixed-position laser and CCD scanners, scan engines and modules, and wand scanners.

Scan Corporation

SCAN Corporation is among the leading manufacturers of barcode readers, optical character recognition (OCR) readers and systems, and embedded touch screen PCs and terminals.

Sick Optic

SICK, known worldwide for factory and process automation, can optimize every stage of production in the materials-handling, automotive, electronics, packaging, and food and beverage markets. SICK barcode readers expedite economical, reliable, and rapid handling and processing in transportation, business, and industry.


LINX is one of the leading developers of high-quality, intelligent, networked data collection for entry systems, inventory management, shop-floor tracking, retrieval terminals, software for host connectivity, and advanced tools to develop applications.


Metrologic Instruments, Inc. is the designer, manufacturer and marketer of reliable solutions for automated high-speed data capture and barcode scanning based on vision-based holographic and laser technologies. All standard barcodes can be decoded with Metrologic’s holographic and laser scanners.


I.R.I.S. leads the pack in the “document to knowledge” segment by providing high-quality, leading-edge solutions for converting pages of printed text into electronic data for sharing, managing, storing, and archiving.

EPC Solutions

EPC Solutions empowers companies to employ RFID to integrate their already existing networks--the sensors on their physical assets, the data collected from those asset sensors, and documents that control asset movement--into a manageable, secure, configurable framework. Companies can then see the obvious return on their RFID investment. With the use of epcSolutions, all companies can also achieve compliance with standards for electronic trading, the requirements for RFID, and initiatives for data synchronization.


Sato high-quality products include labels and thermal transfer ribbons, printer accessories, label design software, OEM print engines, and direct thermal and thermal transfer printers. SATO’s time-tested designs and manufacturing produce the highest quality industrial printers, delivering reliable, professional print jobs time after time.

Psion Teklogix

Psion Teklogix Inc. empowers mobile workforces in a large variety of industries and companies with its time-tested mobile business equipment. By mobilizing business operations, companies enjoy quantifiable benefits: greater efficiencies, increasing productivity, healthy business growth, and exciting competitive advantages.


DENSO Corporation, a well-established supplier of auto components, supplies most automakers worldwide with automatic identification equipment, including barcode scanners. DENSO is presently emerging as a leader in Japanese telecommunications and is moving into diverse business areas based on its credible performance in the auto market.


TEKLYNX International, the world’s leading developer of software products for the automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) marketplace, offers the most comprehensive AIDC software suite in the industry. Its solutions span from label design to data collection and enterprise-level host connectivity to give system integrators a complete set of solutions and customers a single source for all of their labeling and print management needs.


Unitech’s wide range of barcode and data collection products--from barcode wands to highly technical data collection terminals--are designed, manufactured, and then distributed to more than 35 countries. Their complete suite of AIDC equipment includes a variety of keyboard products, portable and fixed terminals, scanners, and barcode decoders. Unitech applications track courier activity, time and attendance, point of sale, fixed asset management, inventory control, and more.


DENSEI-USA provides portable data terminals and barcode readers for retail point-of-sale, industrial, and commercial applications. The company focuses entirely on quality automatic data collection equipment at affordable price points, including a wide range of portable data terminals, fixed-mount and hand-held barcode scanners, and accessories.

Zebra Zebra/Eltron

Zebra does business with companies and governments in more than 90 countries, delivering reliable, innovative barcode and specialty label-printing equipment. Having earned an excellent reputation for the almost 3,000,000 printers installed to date, Zebra is a trusted supplier for more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies.


TraffiCom’s adaptable mobile computers for diverse environments and applications are purchased worldwide for their ergonomics, ruggedness, and adaptability. TraffiCom can configure units in a multitude of ways, allowing easy upgrades and modifications whenever required.


ZEBEX, leading the Auto-ID industry since 1986, specializes in the development, production, and marketing of a wide selection of barcode scanners and applications. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with offices in Shanghai, China, ZEBEX’s extensive distribution system enables all organizations and individuals to enjoy high-quality ZEBEX scanning hardware.


LXE Inc., over 30 years, has improved supply chain economics by developing robust, reliable mobile computing products for RF data collection systems. Among LXE products are vehicle-mount and hand-held computers, RF networking infrastructure, and barcode scanners which are as trustworthy as the company that installs and supports them.


American Microsystems, Ltd. (AML) responds to the need in the barcode market for cost-effective, easy-to-use, high-performing barcode and data collection equipment. Since 1983, AML and other partners have assisted thousands of businesses world-wide to accelerate their business efficiencies and productivity in retail, government, health care, education, finance, manufacturing, and warehousing.

Clear Destination

Clear Destination provides an unmatched route pre-planning and optimization software solution to a global market. The company was created nearly a decade ago by a several mathematicians frustrated and tired of wasted time because of inconsistent or non deliveries both to the home and at work. They were convinced that commercial and home delivery could be done with greater efficiency at a reduced cost. It had to be made more predictable, more transparent, more concise and easy to monitor. All translating into greater satisfaction and meaningful savings.


Cognitive manufactures thermal transfer and direct thermal media label-printing equipment and related supplies. Always an innovative industry leader, Cognitive invented the first desktop thermal label printer, the Barcode Blazer, followed by five other ingenious printers, which include the Barcode Blaster Advantage label printer, the Del Sol desktop and thermal printers, the Code Ranger wireless printer, and other bar code and portable receipt printers.


IntelliTrack leads in the development of reasonably priced software capable of integrating RFID, batch, barcode, and WiFi (RF) data collection. Over 12,000 organizations trust IntelliTrack software to track their assets and inventories.


Itronix Corporation is an innovator of rugged wireless computing systems for mobile workforces. It has distinguished itself in the mobile computing market through its advanced technologies, world-class implementation, and attentive customer support. Itronix has a complete selection of tough wireless field computers, from hand-held and tablet PCs to laptops, along with the award-winning iCare Implementation Services package that handles complex services from planning and implementing projects to front-line support for the help desk. Itronix serves the mobile workforce in such markets as telecommunications, transportation, public safety, communications and utilities, military, commercial field services, government, and insurance.

ManufacturerCount  ManufacturerCount  ManufacturerCount  ManufacturerCount
Aerohive25  AML16  Apple16  Aruba Networks57
AudienceView1  Cipherlab78  Cisco36  Citadel Computer8
Clear Destination15  Cognex25  Cognitive20  DAP Technologies29
Data Limited12  Datalogic142  Datalogic (PSC)72  Datamax31
Densei3  Denso39  eBusiness Solution Pros1  EPC Solutions1
Glacier Computer40  Handheld US11  Hewlett-Packard1  Honeywell62
Honeywell (Hand Held Products)64  Honeywell (Metrologic)56  Honeywell (Welch Allyn)58  IntelliTrack11
Intermec200  IRIS9  Itronix17  Janam7
JLT5  Linx6  LXE53  MobileDemand7
Motion Computing8  Motorola Symbol382  NiceLabel12  OCR125
Opticon133  Panasonic12  Psion Teklogix43  Redbeam11
Sato50  Scan Corporation15  ShockWatch1  Sick Optic43
Socket Mobile20  Source Technologies22  Teklynx10  Tohken11
TraffiCom5  Unitech103  Wasp110  Wavelink12
Xplore16  Zebex83  Zebra131  
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